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Bonus: Post Show Discussion - Campground Turkey with a Side of MacBook Pro
Bonus Episode15th November 2023 • Gadgets for Families • Mt. Nebo Consulting, LLC
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This week is our MacBook Pro coverage week so the main topic will be a discussion on the new MacBook Pro Greg purchased, what’s good, what’s great and then an important discussion on how he decided to get what he got. If you are considering a new computer, you don’t want to miss that conversation. That plus some follow up on keychain and the AirPods Pro and tips on buying a refurb. Because we spent more time in the post show than expected, check your podcast player for that bonus episode on more M3 stuff as well as other related conversations like backups and accessories.

Key Topics and TimeStamps

  • Welcome 00:00
  • Intro 01:34
  • StoryTime (Our First Macs) 04:18
  • Tips 08:24
  • Follow Up 15:20
  • M3 MacBook Pro Discussion 23:14
  • The Journey to a Purchase 54:06
  • Which Mac to Buy 01:10:25
  • Wrap Up 01:16:19

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