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Replenishment is the Cornerstone of Business Profitability with Christine Chidoub
20th April 2022 • TEKTOK • Supply Chain Now
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Replenishment is an area within supply chain that offers a significant competitive advantage – especially for consumer goods and retail businesses. In the simplest form, Replenishment is the process re-supply for product has been consumed or sold. As you know, we anticipate our future product needs through demand planning and forecasting and then produce, procure, or simply ship product based on those specific time-phased needs to avoid stock-outs. There are a number of complexities that go into calculating optimal replenishment based on current inventory levels, order lead times, production lead times, target service levels by customer, minimum order quantities, and shipping/delivery frequency.

This TEKTOK episode discusses why REPLENISHMENT IS THE CORNERSTONE OF PROFITABILITY with special guest, Christine Chidoub, Former Vice President Global Value Chain Optimization with Ralph Lauren.

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