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You Can Learn Alot About Sales From A Therapist - Jason Wasser, LMFT, Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner
Episode 763rd August 2022 • Stories of Selling Human • Alex Smith
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Jason Wasser is a therapist and coach for professionals, entrepreneurs, family businesses & athletes. He has an interest in working with high performance individuals through his consulting and coaching practice. He utilizes integrative and alternative medicine modalities to amplify his successful outcomes with his clients. He enjoys working with clients who are looking for something different than the "more of the same" approach and uses a mind-body approach along with a collaborative partnership with his clients to make quick and effective change. Jason also works with individuals, children, couples and families with a wide variety of challenges that the client wants to get unstuck from. Jason owns The Family Room Wellness Associates, a Mind-Body therapeutic healing practice in Fort Lauderdale and also hosts his own podcast - You Winning Life Podcast.

This episode we talk about the parallels between therapy and sales. The best therapists aren't giving advice, they're helping people see their challenges from a new perspective. We go over how Jason does that in a way that gets the most out of his clients. And how you can use these techniques the next time you're needing to create change.

Key Moments:

02:15 - Understanding people and breaking down their walls

06:17 - Building relationships, importance of great mentors

17:45 - "The first sale is yourself"

28:40 - Asking the right questions. Reading between the lines to find correct answers.

36:50 - First rule of self-development - Having full accountability and responsibility for your actions

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