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Automovie Podcast - Straight Six Media EPISODE 25, 8th June 2020
Being Racing Drivers
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Being Racing Drivers

In this episode, we review documentaries about amateurs being racing drivers in their spare time. Plus, we discuss how F1 will return to our screens and when an Eleanor meets a legal challenge...

The B is for Build YouTube channel has hit a problem where a backdated Mustang was being converted into an Eleanor replica from Gone in 60 seconds. However, a legal challenge from the copyright owner has seen the car seized and videos removed.

F1 have announced plans to race, with Ted's Notebook giving a great overview of some of the social distancing measures being put in place.

In this episode Chris revisits Eric Bana's Love the Beast, while Martin watches The Gentleman Driver.

For the YouTube picks this week, Chris picked a video of Obsessed Garage's Matt Moreman, talking about the therapeutic benefits of being a YouTuber to overcome his OCD. It's also worth watching his What's it like to own a supercar with OCD? too. In fact, Chris recommends the whole VINwiki Car Stories YouTube channel.

Martin's video focusses on just 22.86 seconds of Jos Goodyear at Shelsey Walsh - 22sec run. For those who love seeing what highly depreciated, interesting cars with issues are like, Hoovies Garage is the channel for you!

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