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Ep #109 - Simple, Soulful, Sacred with Megan Dalla-Camina
Episode 10917th September 2019 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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How would knowing you're a sacred woman change things for you?
How would you treat yourself, how would you honour yourself, how would you love, and parent, and live if you KNEW you were a sacred woman?

This is the question that sparked a divine journey into discovering and uncovering what it means to honour yourself as a whole woman. Megan Dalla-Camina, in her new book 'Simple, Soulful, Sacred' explore why we are so disconnected to ourselves as women, and how we can come back home to the truth - that we really are sacred women.
Because at the core of it, when we begin to see and honour ourselves this way, everything else flows.

You can read more of Megan's work at