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What you NEED to do, to move forward in life
Episode 12722nd February 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Today Mark is looking at the positive side of taking control of YOUR  life. What can YOU do to become an empowered man? Mark shares his journey of staying up late till 2am most mornings when he didn’t have his kids in the aftermath of his divorce, creating Empowered Man. He’s encouraging us to start a side hustle if you are struggling to get by. YOUR journey of healing starts with trusting the Empowered Man process and a $27 buy-in. If you can’t afford that, then you are doing the wrong work. You are paid commensurate to your value — so create more value

Are you locked in a ‘reactive mode’ cycle? If you’re not planning your life and simply REACTING to whatever happens in your day, you are living a disempowered life. Mark is reminding us that looking in the mirror each morning and feeling powerful is what really matters — not the TESLA or the nice house. And if YOU are looking for strength to help you begin YOUR transformation, then the Empowered community of like-minded men is where you will draw that strength from. Get your time and priorities straight, starting NOW.

In This Episode:

- Why what you have RIGHT NOW doesn’t matter 

- Mark takes us through his divorce

- Are you living as a SLAVE to someone else’s emotions?

- FACT: you are paid commensurate to your value creation

- Getting your time and priorities straight 

- In every area of your life where you are reacting, you are living disempowered

- Investing in yourself – and then doing the work

- How transformation happens in our community of EMPOWERED men

And much more…