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In Right Standing Podcast w/ Jada L. Cofield - In Right Standing Podcast EPISODE 10, 10th November 2020
The Perfect Work & Patience of a Pumpkin Patch
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The Perfect Work & Patience of a Pumpkin Patch

We are back with the second season!

In today’s episode, we are coming to you from the pumpkin patch at Southern Belle Farm! The weather was nice enough to record outside. Did you know a pumpkin is technically a fruit? Every part of the pumpkin can be consumed including the flower leaf. I chose the pumpkin patch for this episode because I believe and know that before there was the written word of God. God spoke to His people thru pictures, sound, individually, and often through nature itself. Nature speaks and nature speaks loudly. I want to talk to you today about the Perfect Work and Patience of a Pumpkin Patch. 

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Jada Cofield has an accumulation of teachings, observations, and studies from her twenty-five years as an ordained minister, a sister, a friend, a daughter, and a woman coupled with her travels and living throughout the world.

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