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How to Get Started, Build Out, and Boost Your Digital Business
3rd November 2015 • Youpreneur with Chris Ducker • Rainmaker.FM
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Taking care of your audience’s needs is one of the keys to long-term entrepreneurial success. Andreea Ayers joins today’s episode as she shares how she did exactly that while building her online business.

Listening to and responding to your audience’s needs is one of the keys to long-term entrepreneurial success.

A business owner whose journey highlights this is Andreea Ayers of Launch Grow Joy and she’s here with us today to share that journey.

Throughout her entrepreneurial career she’s provided solutions to her audience’s problems, and has grown tremendously as a result. Today she’s earning 5 figures a month helping other entrepreneurs launch and grow their own businesses.

On this show Andreea and I talk about how she became her family’s breadwinner, how she went from a T-shirt business to creating and selling online courses to growing her business through speaking.

Listen to episode 132 and you’ll hear how she used one building block after another to build several solid and successful businesses during her journey.

In this 40 minute episode Andreea Ayers and I discuss:

  • What ventures have had the most success for Andreea?
  • What is the lowest hanging fruit for monetizing online platforms?
  • What was her strategy for starting out as a speaker?
  • Why did she start a podcast?
  • Why did she sell her first business?
  • Much, much more!

Listen to Youpreneur with Chris Ducker below ...

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