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Pathfinder Infinite | Scraps of Sigmund Sturms Spellbook & Psychic Amp
Episode 2121st December 2022 • Roll For Intent - Creator's Corner • Roman Neville Productions
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Roll For Intent - Creator's Corner

Pathfinder Infinite | Scraps of Sigmund Sturms Spellbook & Psychic Amp

This week, we sit down with prolific community creator, Arkon to talk about two pieces of content!


With Special Guest

EJ "Arkon"

Arkon started playing in 5e and immediately began homebrewing. From there, he worked outwards into 3.5, 4e, ADND, and then into PF1e and P2, with varying enjoyment in each. He started making things for P2 with his Brawler, his favorite class in PF1e, then eventually continued by making other classes for friends. Arkon has been a GM for several years and has a fantastic pool of friends to help him playtest.

@ArkonTpt on Twitter

EJ's Website


This is a segment where we talk about all things Paizoverse! We discuss old, new, and upcoming first party and third party published content with an eye towards integrating it in your own games!

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Trevor Payne

The Magnanimous Game Master for Roll For Intent

Micah - Just Micah

Everyone's favorite avian cryptid and player on Roll For Intent


  • From the Arkive: AMP: A Musing on Psychics - Paizo - A collection of 1 Subconscious Mind and 2 Conscious Minds, presented as documents stolen from the Dark Archive before its collapse. The Fetchling codenamed Fulminator Ξ (Xi) was a unique oddity among the Psychic community, specifically due to her incredible willpower. That was a long time ago, and the only thing which remains of her is her journal, stolen from the Dark Archive of the Pathfinder Society, and a Clone, whose body has been trapped under the Imprisonment ritual. The Arkive presents an examination of this journal, clone, and other acquired documents relating to Psychics.
  • Arkon's Arkive: The Salvaged Scrap of Sir Sigmund Sturm's Spellbook - Several Decades ago, a Wizard known as Sir Sigmund Sturm began a research project, with the goal to infuse regular people with the power of the storms for which his family was named. These individual days, taken from his journal, detail the finished state of each spell he made along the way. One spell on each page. Contains 9 Spells ranging from Cantrip to 10th Level, all with the same theme: Storm Magic.


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