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071 : Debra Conrad – Podcast, Coach and Seasoned Seller – Experience with Retail Brick & Mortar transfers so well to eCommerce!
22nd February 2016 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Debra has brought her experience from retail brick & mortar to Amazon. Of course the path is not a straight one…it rarely is.. but she has figured out a great business model that fits her life plan. Again another successful seller with a life plan that uses eCommerce to fit her life. Think about your life…do you have a life plan? If so does your current eCommerce model reflect that? Does it align with where you think you should be? Is it going where you think you should be going? Debra is a seller first and foremost but she also offers coaching and I can see some really attracted to her positive…You can do it! style!  Listen and reach out if you connect with her story!




Debra mentioned:

Howazon – Debra’s introduction to selling on Amazon

Thrifting for Profit – Debra’s Blog and podcast where she chronicles her journey.

Debra’s Bundling program – consider this private label without the hassle of ordering from other countries

Thrifting for Profit Facebook



“Your eternal light will eventually lead you in the right direction” 

“Train from your experience”




Golden Nuggets:

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you are present at home!

You will have to work harder than ever, pound it out and work really hard in an eCommerce business