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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 28, 13th May 2021
How To Attract More Wonderful, High-End Clients - With Robert Middleton
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How To Attract More Wonderful, High-End Clients - With Robert Middleton

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Robert Middleton.

Robert Middleton has been helping self-employed professionals attract new clients for the past 35 years. Author of the bestseller, The InfoGuru Marketing Manual and the weekly, Fearless Marketer email newsletter, Robert has helped thousands of consultants, coaches and trainers be better marketers of their professional services.

Why you've got to check out Robert's episode:

- Learn how Robert helps self-employed B2B professionals, coaches, consultants and trailers that offer high end services to companies.

- Discover the four key challenges that Robert solves for all of his clients so that they can charge more for their services, get in front of the right people, communicate their value powerfully to their clients and how to close business.

- How many of Roberts clients say "I am great at what I do but I can't sell enough of what I have" and how to resolve this in your business.

- The importance of getting in front of your ideal clients at the front end of your marketing funnel through speaking, webinars, interviews, videos and being proactive to give an experience before asking for the business.

- Get access to Robert's eBook called 'Get More Meetings Land More Clients' so that you can attract more wonderful, high-end clients.

- Understand the importance of failing more, getting out there and risking things, be creative and courageous and be ok if you do miss a few of the shots that you take.

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