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Behind the Scenes of a Successful Speaking Gig: Nurturing a Positive Relationship with Tech
Episode 32612th September 2023 • The Traveling Introvert • The Career Introvert
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"The Importance of Speaker Preparation: 'And all the speakers had been told in advance that they had to go to tech check, which was separate from what I was doing the day before they were speaking.'"

— Janice Chaka [00:00:39 → 00:00:46]

Importance of Adaptability for Speakers: "And so here's the thing, if you are going to be a speaker at that event, do you care how many times you've done it before? Each stage is different. All tech is different. How people set things up is different. What how the, tables and chairs might be set up is different? Who runs your Q and A is different? You might have been on stage 1000 and 1000 of times, but I'm sure that even Taylor Swift could tell you that are all stages are the same."

— Janice Chaka [00:01:04 → 00:01:37]

"The Key to a Successful Presentation: Following Instructions and Not Pissing Off Your Tech Team" : "It's not only about your slides. Things that can make or break you on stage, are following instructions, and not pissing off your tech team."

— Janice Chaka [00:02:08 → 00:02:10]

Preparing for a Successful Presentation: "I would give you a talk. The tech guys would tell you exactly how to use the microphone, because not all microphones, as you might know, all microphones are creating equal."

— Janice Chaka [00:02:36 → 00:02:46]

"Preparation for Public Speaking: 'Get your selfies in, get your photos in... when you're not actually speaking on the stage, that way you don't get someone standing in front of the camera recording while you're on stage to try and get a little best photo of you.'"

— Janice Chaka [00:03:32 → 00:03:40]

"Importance of Mutual Respect towards Tech Teams: 'Do not assume that the venue is gonna have wifi dedicated just to the computer that is going to run your slides and not to the 18,000 other people that are probably at that event. Be nice. It costs nothing to say, please, and thank you and to listen.'"

— Janice Chaka [00:03:51 → 00:04:07]

Tech Team Woes: "But just because you've spoken in lots of places, or just because you have the biggest ego, doesn't mean that the tech team can't ruin it for you, unintentionally..."

— Janice Chaka [00:04:31 → 00:04:41]




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