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We're Going Back - World Gone Geek EPISODE 1, 28th August 2020
1987 - Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now - Mannequin
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1987 - Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now - Mannequin

It might be one of the most 80's movies ever made. Everything about it screams 1980's. This goofy rom-com seems like a disaster of an idea, but somehow... someway... it worked. Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Meschach Taylor and the incomparable James "Freakin'" Spader... bring us Mannequin. And we will never be the same again.

Come reminisce with Jeff, Yuta and guest Chris G (Blerd's Eye View/Nerds on Ice) as they discuss this "guilty pleasure" film and even discuss what unfortunately passed for diversity in 1987...


Jeff Ford @groundedGeek


Yuta Hsu @kohyuta