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Episode 113 – Pure Innocent Joy
Episode 11325th July 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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“So I want to encourage you to consider profoundly crafting a statement and refining it that describes who you are. Like who are you and how do you choose to show up in the world. And if I can help you with that, and if you'd like some help, you can reach out to me through one of the contact mechanisms on Facebook, friend me on Facebook Click here, and then send a private message or email. There are all kinds of ways. Go to my website, which is just my name if you'd like some help.” - Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn

What is joy? - Joy is different from happiness. Joy is different from fun. Joy is different from all those other words. Joy is big than happiness. Joy is more in-depth than happiness. Joy is an abundance and overflowing exponential happiness. And there's a piece of sacred literature scripture that says, “Man is that he might have joy.” Now, since that's true, and it was spoken as a revelation from our Creator God, and think about it, that means the intention that designed the purpose of our creation and life here, is to have joy. This is the feeling that happiness is overflowing; it is the happiness of the soul. If you have Joy in your heart, you have contentment in your life. You don’t care whether you have more or you have less. You are contented with who you are, where you are, and what you are. 

Inward facing joy - deciding I'm going to be happy and Joy's a choice. I choose to live happily. When I took responsibility for my life and looked inward for joy, and because I came to know that joy was a choice. And I got to live in joy every day because I decided to, then I got to live in joy every day and not before then. It is up to you or up to me or up to somebody if we will accept and choose to live with Joy. If joy is a permanent thing that you can have because you want it, it is comforting. 

Outward-facing Joy - is a choice that I can make. After my inward joy is stable, I can now be the source of joy for others. That means I can be a fountain of joy. And in fact, I can be a fountain of never-ending joy. That means I create it by serving others with my divine gift. I get to give I get to love freely. I get to smile. I get to lift people's hearts. I get to serve them. I get to tell them how great they are. I get to say to you listening to how great you are. You're a divine being. I love being able to say that it's so true. And every person I love Looking in their eyes and seeing the divine spark and the Divine Love and the divine potential. That is such a beautiful and powerful place to choose to be. 

Now, remember, INWARD-FACING JOY, this is through acceptance. You are accepting Joy in your life, living it adapting it. On the contrary, OUTWARD-FACING JOY, you are providing, sharing, giving the meaning of Joy to others. 

What is the destination? So I know without question whether I eat and live and breathe and sleep joy every day long. By focusing on whom I can serve and how much I can love. Who to share this with? And who needs it? There are all kinds of paths that we can pursue in life. For sure, that is the destination of the road we want. 

Key Takeaways 

"How do we have joy in the middle of those things that exist, even though they're difficult, painful, and how do we move through them to a place of additional joy? I choose to live my life and remember my ultimate life, your ultimate life the way I've defined it, at least it's a life of purpose, prosperity, and yes, the joy that you create serving others with your divine gift."

"Joy is a choice. I choose to live happily. I've chosen other things in the past. I've chosen to be angry. I've chosen to live in blame I've chosen to live pointing outside blaming parents, God, economy, weather, bad decisions, and conspiring grumpy people, fill in the blank. I've lived all those ways, and I was never happy doing it. When I took responsibility for my life and looked inward for joy, I got to live in joy every day because I decided to."

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