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Arsenal to WIN THE LEAGUE? Manchester United out of the Top 4? PREMIER LEAGUE MEGA PREVIEW
Episode 2683rd August 2023 • Squeaky Bum Time: An English Premier League Podcast • Laurent Courtines
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Ever thought Brighton could finish in the TOP FOUR? 😲 We're diving deep into the wildest Premier League predictions, spotlighting goal-scoring heroes 🌟, revealing Liverpool's surprising position, and more! Get ready for thrilling relegation battles, Manchester United's scoring secrets, and all the football drama you crave! Hit 🔔 and Subscribe NOW! #FootballMadness

You won't believe it, but we're forecasting Brighton and Hove Albion to finish in the top four of this Premier League season! In this daring prediction, we unpack the team's potential, highlighting their goal-scoring prowess, superior coaching, and excellent XG rating. We also spotlight the rising stars to keep an eye on, including Adima Adima, Taric Lampdee, Jal Pedro, Billy Gilmore, Van Hecke, Dahood, Solly March, and more. Also, spoiler alert - Liverpool sits at third in our predictions.

As we shift gears, we tackle the thorny issue of scoring and European predictions. We examine Manchester United's struggle with goal-scoring last season, and how the addition of Rasmus Hoiland might change their fortune. Aston Villa's new signings and the impact of Lissandro Martinez's Achilles injury fall under our scrutiny, alongside Unai Emery's influence as manager. Does Newcastle United have what it takes to secure a top seven finish? And what about their chances in the Champions League? Tune in for our insights!

We wrap things up with a closer look at potential relegation battles and Football Charity Shield predictions. We're placing our bets on the fates of Luton, Sheffield, and Bournemouth. In this thrilling roller coaster of predictions, we discuss the decisive factors that could influence their future in the league. We also weigh in on how Steve Cooper and Areola will fare in the heat of the relegation battle. So, hit that subscribe button, leave us a rating, and don't forget to review us if you're tuning in on Apple! Get ready for a season of surprises, suspense, and sensational football!

(0:00:00) - Premier League Previews and Predictions

Brighton and Hove Albion's goal scoring, coaching, XG rating, and players such as Adima Adima, Tarik Lampty, and Solly March will help them finish in the top four, with Liverpool in third.

(0:15:42) - Scoring Issues and European Predictions

Manchester United, Aston Villa and Newcastle United could all benefit from new signings and managers, with United needing to improve their goalscoring.

(0:27:42) - Premier League Predictions and Analysis

Brentford mid-table, Fulham & Wolves/West Ham relegation battles, Crystal Palace's Alise & Eze, Bournemouth's transfers, & Roy Hodgson's experience.

(0:43:23) - Relegation and Football Charity Shield Predictions

Premier League relegation battle discussed, predicting Bournemouth to go down, Steve Cooper and Areola implications discussed.

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