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Captain America: Civil War
Episode 18th December 2020 • Yet Another MCU Podcast • Patrick Whalen & Michael Field
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Phase 3, Episode 1.

We're back and so are the Avengers as they're teaming up to take on the ultimate bad guy....each other! It's Captain America: Civil War! Directed by The Russo Brothers and starring pretty much everyone - Captain America (Chris Evans) returns as the titular hero to face off against Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and hero registration.

We know... Exciting. We're also not alone for this episode as we're joined by former Editor at DC Comics and owner of Infinite Heroes Comic Shop, Paul Santos. Paul helps us break down the movie and its differences from the comic event its based on.

Another first. Mike read the comic beforehand. Pat made him. Listen as Mike struggles to understand the choices made in the movie, as well as getting sick and tired of hearing about the Sokovia Accords. So much in this episode that it burst past the usual 50-60 mins. Check out 90 mins of YAMP fun!

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