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Music As a Catalyst for Introspection & Moving Closer to the Mystery with East Forest - 17
Episode 1731st March 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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Since 2008 East Forest has been the leader of underground ‘sound meditation’ ceremonies around the world. His primary mission is to create sonic architecture for others to explore their inner space. 

In this episode, East Forest shares his journey with psychedelics and how that started him on the spiritual path, and how he didn’t find his own voice until discovering psilocybin, which is when his path as a musician started to deepen and open up and started focusing on creating music specifically for psychedelic journey’s. 

He talks about the role that music plays in ceremony and in our healing process, and how music is ultimately extending an invitation for us to go within, pointing towards the mystery, and reminding us of our inner North Star. He shares about the time he spent with Ram Dass, his interesting perspective on the positive benefits of this polarized time of division, a powerful suggestion for plant medicine integration, and his thoughts about the psychedelic movement towards medicalization.




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