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Humanising Capitalism to Shape Culture – Theran Knighton-Fitt, mygrow
Episode 547th July 2023 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Are you a popcorn fan? 

You might rethink your love of it after hearing about Theran's experience. Role-modelling taking a sick day did not go as planned! 

Aside from dealing with his popcorn damage, Theran Knighton-Fitt of mygrow is on a mission. 

He is challenging the notion of culture as a means to an end when humans are turned into resources. Instead, Theran is redirecting the conversation to one that is more about being human in place of extracting value. 

It will be no surprise then to see some of what we talk about: 

  • Capitalism
  • A different take on the expectation that leaders should should build culture. 
  • The power of sharing our unique stories as an alternative to psychometrics for understanding how to engage with each other
  • Challenging terrible excuses such as, "It's not personal, it's business."
  • Practices, postures and principles instead of policies that often dehumanise
  • Rethinking employee recognition

This is a philosophical conversation that really gets beneath the surface of how we do things at work. I love the thought-provoking examples and metaphors that Theran uses. 

Want to do the right thing for the people around you at work, for the right reasons? Are you clear about what those 'rights' are? 

Hear what we discuss on this episode of the podcast and let us know how you're going about having the conversations that matter in your organisation. Message us to let us know how we can help guide the talk and practice that puts human at the heart of culture.

More about Theran:

Theran is on a mission to build an emotionally intelligent world.

He thinks, writes, and speaks about all the things that impact us as humans both at home and professionally.

In the world of work this means he takes a keen interest not only in company culture but also in company character. He loves to discuss issues involving capitalism, organisational culture, behaviour, values, emotional intelligence, narrative identity and psychology.

In his role as Chief Humanising Officer at mygrow he is interested in pioneering new ways of achieving collective flourishing and group relational health through the powerful vehicles of companies and organisations.

His personal purpose statement in everything he does professionally is to “Realise Humanity.”

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