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#004: The Small Biz Pivot: What it Really Looks Like
Episode 426th July 2021 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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2020 was the year of pivoting for small business owners. It really turned out to be a buzz word (and a necessity) for our creative industry as life as we knew it shut down completely. While pivoting feels scary, it isn't always a bad thing. Today on Talking Small Business, we're sharing all about what we've done over the last year especially, how we've made pivots in our business and a little more insight as to why you might want or need to pivot your business.

On this episode of the Talking Small Business Podcast, we're chatting what the small business pivot is really like. We dive into:

  • Why being a multi-passionate creative can be a good thing
  • Megan's pivoting story
  • Kat's pivoting story
  • Why pivoting was necessary in 2020
  • Why you might need to pivot because of your industry demands
  • Using what your audience is saying to help you pivot 
  • Pivoting for personal reasons
  • A reminder that needing to pivot your business does NOT mean you're failing

Listen now and learn more about pivoting in your buisness!


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