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Rising Above Financial Shame
Episode 11st May 2023 • LIMITLESS BELIEF • Frederick V. Tolbert
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This episode, " Rising Above Financial Shame, "takes a deep dive into the often-taboo topic of financial shame.

In this insightful episode, we:

1.     Unmask Financial Shame: Delve into the often-unspoken topic of financial shame, dissecting its roots and showing how it is more common than you might think.

2.     Transform Perspective: Learn how to shift your perspective, recognizing that your self-worth is not tied to your financial status. Acknowledge the universality of financial mistakes and embrace them as learning opportunities.

3.     Rise Above: Discover key strategies to rise above financial shame. We discuss the power of changing narratives, seeking financial advice, and continuously learning to foster financial growth.

4.     Embrace Growth: We conclude with an empowering message, stressing that overcoming financial shame is about mindset change and not overnight wealth.

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Until next time, keep believing, and keep growing.