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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 150, 10th April 2019
Re-Establishing A Podfaded Show [Episode 150]

Re-Establishing A Podfaded Show [Episode 150]

Yesterday, I went back to the gym after a 5-week break. I'm more than a little sore today, but it got me thinking about how similar this is to re-establishing a podcast that has faded away.

In this short episode, I'll walk you through the three steps you un-fading a show. Note: this isn't just theory; this is practical advice I learned when we re-launched the Bangkok Podcast a few years back.

Broadly speaking, here are the three steps to re-establishing a podfaded show:

  1. Remediate! Get to the root cause behind why the show faded... and fix it! 
  2. Go slow & in stealth! Too many shows make grand "we're coming back!" announcements, then fail to deliver.
  3. Plan to fade again. Hey, it happened once before. And on a long enough time scale, all shows come to an end. So plan for it.

Listen in to hear more about those topics, and join me tomorrow for another episode of Podcast Pontifications! 

Also, happy 150th episode!