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Andy Krebs - Making Legal and the Business Better
Episode 542nd May 2023 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Using Data, Implementing Change, and Improving Productivity

The Impact podcast you're about to hear features Senior Director and Head of Legal Operations at Twilio, Andy Krebs, and Steve Harmon, Elevate's COO and General Counsel. Steve, Andy, and Elevate CMO Nicole Giantonio discuss planning for and executing a strategy to establish Twilio as a highly efficient world-class law department.

00:41 Andy shares comments on his career journey, including 21 years at Intel - from managing wafers to building a supplier diversity model and, ultimately, legal ops.  

01:39 As the new leader of Twilio Legal Ops, Andy elaborates on tactical team priorities and strategy.

04:08 Steve Harmon asks about the relative distribution between the things that make the legal department run better versus Twilio's focus to enable the business to make the business run better.

06:20 Tracking basic foundational metrics, revenue per attorney, and working with internal legal leadership to understand the metrics they care about.  Using data to make decisions.

11:06 Establishing a three-year plan, looking for short-term wins to get buy-in, then layering in and building out functions for longer-term impact.

13:26 Using data to support change, improve productivity and improve job satisfaction.  

15:45 Connecting Legal with Legal Operations, present a strategy and plan for getting there, and bring your colleagues into the discussion.

17:05 A practical Legal Operations function creates a huge opportunity to make improvements.

19:35 Some days, you're pulling your hair out, but that's part of it. If it were easy, everybody would do it.




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