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Ep. 06 | Lee Fuller - African Safari Guide
Episode 614th March 2022 • The Curiosity Shire • Seth Sutherland
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In this episode I get to chat with a safari guide named Lee Fuller. The thing I love most about Lee is how absolutely humble he is. This guy leads tours for the rich and famous but he isn’t starstruck by the lifestyles of his guests. Instead, his passion is introducing these people to a world where they can take off the pressures of society, of fame and fortune, and just connect with Africa. During our conversation we discuss why it’s so important to reconnect with nature, especially for those of us who live busy lives in manmade environments. As a nurse working in the capital of Iceland, I resonate with the need for nature and time away from the hecticness of modern life. Lee shares why being a safari guide is such an important occupation and how he ended up stumbling into the job as a career. I also asked him about his tours to Madagascar and he shared some sobering facts about the animals who live there which just might surprise you.

If you'd like to connect with Lee online, you can visit his website: