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Genesis 35 & 36
Episode 241st April 2024 • Let Nothing Move You • Matthew Christian Ashley
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I'm joined this week by Joshua Noel of The Whole Church Podcast ( to discuss Genesis 35 & 36.

Can we agree on how scripture works if one doesn't take it as literally as another? How does the fallout of Dinah's situation effect the family of Jacob and her? Why did they need to get rid of their idols on the trip to Bethel? How did God protect them from reprisal as they went to Bethel? Why did God rename Jacob as Israel again? What is a drink offering? How did the death of Rachel while giving birth to Benjamin effect the whole family for years to come? Who are the descendants of Esau and why are they focused on in scripture? Can we learn anything from genealogies? How many times can Christian call Joshua a heretic?

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