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Rik Roberts (School of Laughs) on staying audience focussed, and editing for rapport
Episode 435th December 2020 • Podcasting Is Punk Rock • Josh Liston from Australia
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In this episode Josh talks content creation with Professional Comedian and Long-time Podcaster, Rik Roberts, from The School of Laughs podcast. 

Rik has shares some serious gold in this episode, including:

• how Rik views praise for his early work (spoiler: he is completely content with the audience mentioning his first 50-70 episodes on a constant basis).

• how Rik moved from working with a co-host (the fantastic Gavin Miller) to working without a co-host, and how he approaches School of Laughs now in 2020.

• how Rik edits to give both his interview guests and also his listeners the best possible experience while taking part in School of Laughs (spoiler: he edits for non-Boring first and foremost!)

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