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Ep. 280 - Mckel Hill on Creating a Healthier Relationship with Food
Episode 28012th December 2019 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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K + L are back from Australia! Today they are reflecting on their live shows with Rosie Acosta in Melbourne, and Jess Sepel in Sydney. Diet culture, mental health stigmas, intuitive nudges, and K + L’s extreme side-parts are just some of the highlights! K also shares her tactic for getting someone to confess, especially when it comes to cheating.


Today we are joined by Registered Dietitian and creator of Nutrition Stripped, McKel Hill! Our conversation explores nutrition and fostering a healthy lifestyle. We also talk about how she has built a sustainable business and online courses. We kick it off with setting intentions and building self-worth for healthy relationships. McKel then shares her health journey with chronic migraines, and how she learned to practically eliminate them through food and lifestyle adjustment. When it comes to nutrition and diets, we ask how to decipher between what’s trending and what’s going to support YOU. McKel also talks about mindfulness and awareness, and shares two questions to ask yourself to intentionally begin your day!

When it comes to building her business, McKel details what going “all-in” looked like for her, and opens up about the challenges she faced along the way. She shares her tactic for outsourcing business, tips for using social media, and advice for creating and marketing an online course. Throughout our entire conversation, McKel shares actionable steps you can take NOW for your health and business!

We also talk about:

  • Practices that build self-worth
  • McKel’s tips for getting to the root cause of migraines
  • Learning to slow down to support yourself
  • One practice to strengthen your intuition
  • Framework for intuitive eating
  • Being in touch with your community’s needs
  • McKel’s morning routine and smoothie tips
  • McKel’s supplement choices 

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  • BIG THANK YOU to everyone who attended our live shows in Australia with Rosie Acosta and Jess Sepel! Checkout Rosie on Instagram @rosieacosta and Jess @jshealth.


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