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How to Use your Voice to Engage your Audience
Episode 2123rd September 2021 • The Art Engager • Claire Bown
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Today I’m really excited to be introducing our first guest chat on the podcast - Samantha Boffin.

Samantha is a voice actor, director and audio drama coach working with clients on voice technique, voiceover and communication.⁠

Your voice is one of your biggest assets when it comes to storytelling, entertaining and engaging your audience. In this episode, you will discover how to look after it, use it and make the most of it with simple, fun and actionable techniques. 

Samantha shares some wonderful tips and techniques that we can all use to make the most of our voice and use it in the best way possible.

We discuss:

  • Why your voice is important
  • Tips / techniques for optimising your voice before you start a session (e.g an art discussion or a guided tour or a classroom lesson for teachers!)
  • How to use your voice to ENGAGE your audience
  • How the voice can be a tool in your educator toolbox to keep your audience tuned in, curious and eager to participate.

Sam is very generous with her advice and shares lots of gold here – so you might need to make notes! 


Find Samantha's Masterclass 'Your voice: How to Look after it, use it and engage your audience' in my membership programme



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