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Is "love" enough? The Missing Ingredients of a LOVING + Thriving relationship: RESPECT + HONOR
Episode 4815th June 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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Are you struggling to FEEL the love inside your relationship? 

Have you ever found yourself saying “Clearly you don't love me because you said this, or you did that!” 

How many times do we throw these daggers at each other? 

How many times do we allow ourselves to confuse someone else's behavior with our identity or worth?

How many times have we operated from a distorted view of what love actually IS?

I spent years of my life feeling terrible inside of relationships because I didn’t have an understanding of what love actually was. I had an idea. I had expectations. I had illusions I was holding on to. But I did not UNDERSTAND love, let alone loving behavior. 

Everything changed for me when I came back to the true power of LOVE. It was here that I learned the places I was out of integrity + the ingredients that were missing all along. 

In todays episode we unpack:

  • Is LOVE enough inside relationships?
  • What are the missing ingredients to successful relationships?
  • Why doesn’t our behavior reflect the love we feel?
  • “Feeling” Love vs Choosing to operate FROM Love
  • Are we leading from love or are we waiting on love to come to us?
  • What would LOVE do or say?
  • Are you holding on to a distorted view of love?
  • The difference between bliss, ecstasy and love itself
  • How do we hold a STATE of LOVE


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