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Who Am I Now That I Have A Chronic Illness? With Dr. Morgan April Morley
Episode 268th August 2022 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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When we’re diagnosed with a chronic illness, no one talks about how we go through a bit of an identity crisis. How do we create an identity that’s not centered around our illness, yet is different than before because we now have a diagnosis? I explore these questions in a fascinating discussion with Dr. Morgan April Morley about what makes up our self concept. Diagnosed with Lupus, she had to deal with unique circumstances that affected how she looked at herself and her own identity. Then she decided to research the phenomenon as it relates to all people living with a diagnosis. She talks about why she wears heels when she has a flare, and the surprising reason why relationships are so impacted by a diagnosis. Dr. Morley also shares a brilliant therapeutic technique called identity mapping exercise with us to help us get started on creating a new, empowering identity that truly fits us.

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