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ZoneTalk - Bob Palmer EPISODE 1, 20th April 2020
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Welcome to my podcast - ZoneTalk. I’m your host Bob Palmer. 

ZoneTalk focuses on the Zone, that magical place that athletes, coaches and leaders agree is the first and most important ingredient of winning. When you own the Zone, you own the game. 

As ZoneTalk suggests, I’ll be interviewing guests and talking about their Zone strategies for success in sport, education, business and life. Often, but not always, the guests will be my direct clients who have had incredible successes in getting to the podium, winning scholarships, or running a business.

I’ll share my 25 years of experience in the world of high performance and elicit the passion of my guests by having them reveal their Zone magic and the strategies they use for achieving greatness—in sport, business and life. The goal in each episode is to connect you with the real person behind the magical performance in order to inspire you to dream bigger and be empowered in your own endeavors, whatever they are.