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Old Fox Young Fox - Old Fox Young Fox EPISODE 11, 6th May 2019
Danger! Psychopaths at work with Dr Shoshana Garfield

Danger! Psychopaths at work with Dr Shoshana Garfield

Old Fox Young Fox talks Psychopaths at work with Dr. Shoshana Garfield. We’ve all worked with difficult people. Some of us have worked with those whose motivations we simply can’t fathom. People who seem to be low on empathy and really just in it for themselves. We ask the question - are some of these people Psychopaths by definition?

We explore the topic of Psychopaths in both work and society with Psychologist and expert Dr Shoshana Garfield.

Topics covered include;

  • What makes a Psychopath?
  • How do we identify them?
  • What makes them tick?
  • How do we handle them at work?
  • Happiness and stress at work

About our guest

Dr Shoshana Garfield is originally from New York, and is a Psychologist who specialises in crisis management and more recently, happiness coaching. Dr Garfield runs an international private practice from her home in Brighton UK.

Dr Garfield can be reached at www.shoshanagarfield.com