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6 Lessons We Learned From Launching And Growing Our Membership Site
Episode 673rd February 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Memberships sites are HUGE right now and new ones continue to pop up every day.

Some aren’t great…and some are insanely successful raking in millions.

Last year, we created our very own first ever membership site called The League, aimed at people people who want to maximise their sales using email marketing.

We’ve built up a great community of members and we’ve loved watching it grow over the last year.

However, it certainly hasn’t all been plain sailing and there were definitely some lessons learnt along the way which would cause us to do some things differently, if we were ever to create another membership site.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your own membership site, we want to share with you six of the major lessons we’ve learnt while creating and growing The League.

6 Lessons We Learned From Launching and Growing Our Membership Site

Episode Content

  • (02:32) We launched our own membership site last year...and have learnt a LOT.
  • (03:11) One of the biggest challenges we all have in our own businesses.
  • (04:47) How we started our site…it probably wasn’t how you’d imagine, but it worked a treat.
  • (05:13) And this right here is one of the biggest reasons why we love email so much.
  • (06:27) Don’t make the same mistake so many other membership site creators make.
  • (08:06) This tip is so simple to execute, and you new members will love you for it.
  • (10:15) Because sometimes, less is more.
  • (11:16) We were guilty of this third lesson and know plenty others who have done this too. 
  • (13:34) This next lesson will help you sell to non-members without having to reinvent the wheel each week. 
  • (15:04) Ever heard the phrase “don’t tar everyone with the same brush”?
  • (16:42) Emailing on Christmas day? Say whaaaaat?!
  • (18:47) Let’s do a quick recap for those of you with terrible memories.
  • (19:36) Want to discuss this further? Here’s how to do it!
  • (20:08) This subject line of the week is from one of our very own member’s and it’s purrrfect.

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