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Episode 17: PowerSwitch Action
Episode 1712th October 2022 • Black Work Talk • Convergence Magazine
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In this episode of Black Work Talk, Steven Pitts and his co-host, Lauren Jacobs, talk with Kyra Greene and Branden Snyder. Kyra is Executive Director of the Center on Policy Initiatives, and is based in San Diego. Branden is Executive Director of Detroit Action. The Center on Policy Initiatives and Detroit Action are affiliates of PowerSwitch Action, a network of local organizations dedicated to building a multiracial feminist democracy and economies in cities and regions around the county. They had an expansive conversation on the challenges and opportunities facing their organizations; the use of mutual aid efforts as a strategy to address the immediate needs of poor communities and build long-term power; and the distinction between winning elections and actual governance.

To read more about these organizations, see these links: