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The Greatness of Gratitude
Episode 11323rd November 2022 • The Confident Man Podcast • David Maxwell
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In honor of Thanksgiving, we are doing a special show on gratitude. Gratitude is something that is tough for everyone to show, especially men. With our sense of duty, we often take gratitude for granted. We don't expect it and we don't give it. This isn't healthy and it weakens us as men. Gratitude gives us incredible perspective and deeper meaning to our everyday existence. It also makes us better men and strengthens our relationships. Gratitude is great and it helps us be great men!

Gratitude is something we should develop as a habit

The more grateful we are as men, the better men we will be

Gratitude Forces Reflection

  • Gratitude demands thought
  • Gratefulness means you think outside of yourself
  • Gratefulness breaks us out of tunnel vision and makes us reflect on life
  • Reflection brings recognition to us

Gratitude Encourages Humility

  • Gratitude takes your focus off yourself and puts it on others
  • Gratitude helps us come to the realization that we aren't the center of the universe
  • We also see those who have helped us in the past
  • We see those who are currently helping us
  • We recognize God's blessings in our lives
  • Humility is an understanding that we have come far, but we still have far to go

Gratitude Strengthens Relationships

  • Gratitude helps us with relationships because it forces us to examine them
  • We need to recognize the relationships we are grateful for
  • Knowing that you made a difference and helped someone else, adds a positive focus to life
  • Gratitude strengthens your current relationships
  • Gratitude is one of the best ways to build strong long-lasting friendships