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132: Dating for the modern gay guy – Tyler Greenberg
Episode 1326th August 2021 • 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. • Rick Clemons
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Dating is a pain in the ass...and not in a good way. For most gay men, the dating and pursuit of Prince Charming, is a frustrating, just give up scenario, that leaves most little energy for even a hookup. Or, you aren't really serious about dating and say you are, but haven't found the right way to start the dating adventure and make it worth your time. How about instead, trying a new way of connecting with intention and having a real conversation on that first encounter rather than depending on the standard, tried and true - posed profile pic, short description, likes/dislikes, and then swipe right or left. Enter Stop swiping, start dating from the comfort of your own space, with real online connections...not just a photo. It's a new way of brining connection to your dating adventure and helping you get where you're trying to get - meeting your people, finding your person. Founder, Tyler Greenberg shares their idea and his candid views on what is wrong with the dating environments today, and how is getting ready to shake up the dating world - regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

About Tyler

Tyler is one of the co-founders of Teleport, a video speed dating app. He started the company with his lifelong best friend and together they are enjoying every step of the journey! He is passionate about entrepreneurship, sports, and helping people connect in a more genuine way.

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