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Living Life Intentionally with Ted Moskovitz
Episode 3429th March 2021 • Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast • Joe Hawley
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This week we have Ted Moskovitz on the podcast

Ted Moskovitz is a former SEC attorney turned entrepreneur, investor, and advisor specializing in SaaS, cannabis, psychedelics, performance & longevity medicine, “cogni-hacking,” and Blockchain technology. He is a Founder of Decentranet, FeaturedLabs, and Apollo Scheduling (parent of AppointmentCore, the largest Infusionsoft/Keap partner).  

Ted is also a Techstars and Newchip mentor, and serves on the advisory board of over 15 companies. His current focus is AMMA Healing, a health & wellness company focused on hemp-extracts; specifically utilizing them as a healthier alternative to alcohol. Ted lives vicariously through himself.

Ted is a wealth of knowledge and we pack a ton into this episode. From big life transitions, to psychedelic and telepathic experiences, to cultivating abundance, there is so much value and wisdom in this conversation. We also get into the economic structure of our country, decentralization, and crypto. Ted will be back on again in the future to dive deeper. You're going to love this one.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Ted’s entrepreneurial journey and the arc of his career path
  • Listening to our intuition and finding the courage to make big life changes
  • Psychedelic experiences, synchronicities, and magic
  • Social anxiety and the genesis of Ted’s company
  • Using new, healthier substances to shift our consciousness
  • The gift of presence and living intentionally
  • Practices for cultivating abundance 
  • Approaching life with a beginner’s mind and not getting caught up in our identity
  • Decentralization, crypto, and sovereignty
  • How to connect with Ted

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