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287. ONE Word That Will Change Your Life
Episode 2871st March 2021 • The ONE Thing • NOVA Media
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Extraordinary results become possible when you are clear on what you are saying yes to.

We can’t say yes to everything. When you set up dominos, the path to knocking them all down doesn’t involve flicking at them randomly one at a time. You set them up, line them up, and whack away at the first one. But so many people doubt that they can find that ONE thing when it feels like they have so many things to focus on.

Every year, Jon Gordon identifies one word that he’s going to focus on, a word that brings purpose to what he does. He uses that one word every single day to bring clarity to his actions, and using the tools Jon mentions in this episode will help you bring focus to every aspect of your life, too.

If you are inspired and want to bring more focus to your life, visit to build an action plan and see any of their free resources.

In this episode, you will learn...

  • [02:34] Where the idea for the one word came from
  • [04:34] What “One Word that Will Change Your Life” is about
  • [10:55] How one word can transform your life
  • [16:55] How to use a word to drive your actions
  • [24:45] How one word helps you say no more often

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