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Episode 135 – What Does the Future Hold
Episode 13516th August 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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“There are lots of things about the future that you don't know even one minute from now, or an hour or two or five or tomorrow or next week. living in fear is not the way to create your ultimate life” - Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn

We think about our future. Who does not? We are concern about what our destination is, what we will become. Our future matters to us. We always wonder what the future holds, what's going to happen, especially now regarding what’s happening in this pandemic situation that none of us predict is coming. COVID makes us worry. Who does not? But it seems like we're fascinated by the future because we're scared of the unknown. And we want tomorrow to be better than today. We want good things to happen. We want to look forward to something positive and powerful, and we hope that either tomorrow's a better day, or it doesn't worsen, or we stay in the right place.

Why is the future scary? Do we need to be afraid? Is the future scary for you? Think right now in your own heart is the future scary for you? If you think about tomorrow, or next week or next month or next year like we're in the middle of 2020 right now. And the COVID thing is still full-blown. In the beginning, in February, March, and April, it was just going up, and it was consuming the news and daily briefings in the United States, at least in perhaps some other countries. There was a lot of action taken and the death count. And now it's still a critical and vital thing, but it's dropped from the daily briefing to the long haul, which we knew it would always get there because there's no vaccine and or at least, there are arguments about the vaccine, and there are various stages of all that, but how successful it's going to be and whether or not it's going to go up in deadliness or mutate or go down. We don't know all those things, and those unknown are one of the big reasons why the future is scary. You don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. You don't know if you're going to wake up in the morning or if someone you know is going to get sick and die from that. That’s why it makes it scary because there is a big question mark on our heads. What will happen tomorrow? 

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. We've had several episodes on how to love yourself and how to take care of your body, spirit, heart, relationships, and so forth. But when you're thinking about the future, fearing anything is not going to help. If you think about how you want to be described, not as arrogance, or a matter of being proud or anything else. Who are you in the world? Because that right there is absolutely in your control.

How do I do that? It's hard at first. And what happens over time is that you practice as soon as it becomes a habit. That will become your everyday agenda. What are your commitments to doing this? What can I do to fill all these commitments? And then you start to put some deadlines on those commitments. 

Key Takeaways

“Your ultimate life is not fueled by fear. It is not fueled by uncertainty. It is fueled by commitment. To principle, and a goal, or a set of goals that are consistent with who you want to be in the world. Remember, the way we've defined your ultimate life is a life of purpose, prosperity, and joy that you create by serving others with your divine gifts. We know for sure if you live worrying all the time, you're not going to be able to focus on your divine gifts, and certainly can't create purpose, prosperity, and joy.”

“So how do you create the future? Have some goals because if you're creating a future, that depends on your having a clear picture of what you'd like that future. Now recognizing we don't control some externalities, this is creating the future of who you want to be and what you want to do.”

“{One choice is to immediately react in anger or fear. Another choice is just to do nothing. And that's the part where it takes practice. There is always space between stimulus and response. How taking advantage of that space is how you learn always to have those things on your mind.”


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