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Ep. #4 | Entrepreneurial Enlightenment with Lance Cayko
Episode 421st November 2022 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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On episode four of The Marc Clair Show, Marc welcomes in business owner and entrepreneur and the co-founder of the "Inside the Firm" podcast, Lance Cayko. Lance shares his entrepreneurial journey that led him from a 13 year old learning new blue collar skills every summer through his current ownership of F9 Productions.

Interwoven within this is a bit of Lance's religious and spiritual growth, which has intersected in many ways with the revelation that the father that raised him was not his birth father.

Premium subscribers also get access to the the smoke-filled room segment, where Lance further expands on what transpired when he realized the father he grew up with was not his birth father, how he ended up finding and meeting his birth father, and how all of this led him back to God.

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