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MicroHabits: Small Changes, HUGE Results
Episode 14521st January 2022 • Teen Catalyst • Ken Eash
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Did you know that the most effective way to improve your life is to establish good habits and stick to them? Researchers have found that nearly half your daily actions are driven by habit, from your morning routine to how much exercise you get and the way you approach tasks.

Establishing and maintaining good habits needn’t be as much of challenge as it sounds if you take a micro habit approach. Instead of having big goals like ‘get fit,’ ‘lose weight’ or ‘get a new job,’ break them down into smaller more achievable goals. Treat your personal goals as if they were work projects. Work out what steps you need to take to succeed.

Start by working out what changes you want to make in the various parts of your life, from health to the office and your home life. By making some small changes in your life, you can make radical progress towards achieving your goals.