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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 63, 7th March 2021
Ep 63: Training Navy SEALS to Perform at Their Highest Level with Casey Glass and "Rick"
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Ep 63: Training Navy SEALS to Perform at Their Highest Level with Casey Glass and "Rick"

On the show today, I have Casey Glass, a strength and conditioning coach for a special operations unit, and a guest who has served in the SEAL Teams for 15 years but asked to remain anonymous. We refer to him as “Rick” throughout this episode.

We discuss all about training special operators; in particular, Navy SEALS. We dive into the incredibly unique challenges this population faces and discuss everything ranging from physical preparation to the more recently acknowledged condition known as “Operator Syndrome”, which may be understood as the natural consequences of an extraordinarily high allostatic load; the accumulation of physiological, neural, and neuroendocrine responses resulting from the prolonged chronic stress; and physical demands of a career with the military special forces.

Listen in as Casey and Rick share how an operator needs to train and prepare for the long game to be able to perform at their highest level, while managing the effects of Operator Syndrome to the best of their ability.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [01:51] Casey’s and Rick’s background
  • [03:48] Unpacking “Operator Syndrome”
  • [11:07] How Casey is intervening to start making change among operators
  • [18:32] The typical training program operators undergo
  • [31:56] How sleep hygiene factors into the program
  • [37:41] Active research on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the moment
  • [42:52] What the Physical Readiness Test is lacking
  • [49:33] Parting thoughts by Casey and Rick

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