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Episode 180: Hearts of the Fathers – Interview Sheldon Lawrence
Episode 18018th November 2020 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 180: Hearts of the Fathers - Interview Sheldon Lawrence

Fleeing from a deadly head-on collision, a man descends into a hellish realm to hide from Heaven’s beconing light. God can rescue him from the darkness, but escaping Hell is only the beginning. The greatest test comes as he confronts his broken relationships and sees himself and others in truth. Tune in for this week’s episode of the LYS podcast and Week 2 of story time. It’s the season of gratitude and holiday prep. To aid in your holiday prep I am sharing with you, in each November episode, a book I think shares an important message - and maybe will make your gift giving experience easier and more fun.  Last week was Six and Spider Jungle, a kid’s book about accepting everyone with all their wonderful differences, and this week we get a little more serious as the author of Hearts of the Fathers, Sheldon Lawrence, joins me for a preview of his book. Stay tuned and see if you get what so many have gotten out of this book….a changed desire to really live and a greater trust in God’s love.   Inspired by the research of hundreds of near-death experiences, this book has transformed the way I view potential spiritual growth in a universe grounded in God’s love. Sheldon has put into fictional form - often the funnest form of reading - a possible look at what life after death might entail. The first time I ready this book I loved it because it aligned with my strong, personal belief that we will continue to grow and learn and progress after this life. It also really illustrated how the energy - good or bad - that we create here and now, travels with us as we leave this world. I’m excited to share this book with you because it’s going to give you some serious food for thought. Sheldon Lawrence teaches writing at BYU-Idaho. His award winning personal essays have appeared in various journals and magazines. He earned a PhD in English at Idaho State University where he specialize in the study of spiritual autobiography. He lives with his wife and 4 children in Rexburg, ID. He is the author of the spiritual novel, Hearts of the Fathers and today he is here to talk to us about it.  Tune into the audio program to hear the interview with Sheldon. Get a copy of the book on Amazon: As we wrap up November I’ve given you 3 great ideas for holiday gift books: Of course there is the 21-Day Challenges in the book LIFE - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday. I recommend getting that for everyone you love and then doing the challenges together as a way to build and bond with family and friends. It’s available on Amazon. There is Six and Spider Jungle by Jef Olsen that we previewed in last week’s episode - a wonderful story for the children on your list - and he’ll send you a free download link if you email him. Get his email in the show notes on And today’s book - Hearts of the Fathers. Something for everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May you create a Thanksgiving story full of magic and happy moments. Remember to count your blessings everyday. It’s the key to abundant living. See you in a couple weeks on the next episode of the LYS podcast.