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17: WastedDollar: The Garmin Edition
Episode 1725th August 2020 • Cyber Humanity • Immersive Labs
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The dust from Garmin's scrimmage with WastedLocker is just about settling – potentially at the cost of $10 million dollars. Kev sheds light on the matter from a technical standpoint, and we learn why it's really unlikely Garmin would have been able to decrypt their files without paying up to the perpetrators.

It seems we can't go a week without talking TikTok and privacy – and if anyone will let Max get a word in sideways, we might even hear his thoughts on it. Privacy advocates be warned!

Maze makes another appearance. In an altruistic turn of events, they're giving their targets a chance to pay up before outing them to the public. They'll only encrypt the important bits...colour us intrigued.

Oh and PSA: if you haven't checked out our WastedLocker labs yet, you can log in here or book a demo to check them out.