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The Week with Roger - Roger Entner EPISODE 21, 8th February 2021
This Week: T-Mobile Announces 4th Quarter Results
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This Week: T-Mobile Announces 4th Quarter Results

0:27: T-Mobile released their Q4 2020 Earnings Report, it was a strong quarter.

1:53: Contrasting T-Mobile with Verizon and AT&T.

3:45: Impacts of a muted churn enviornment.

4:20: T-Mobile‚Äôs secret to success. 

5:06: Will gross adds bounce back?

6:05: T-Mobile keeps talking about how much of an advantage the network that they are deploying will be. How will this impact rural America?

10:54: T-Mobile is piloting wireless 5G broadband. That will position them to compete with smaller cable providers.

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