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The Inside Scoop on Buying and Selling Manufacturing Businesses with Dan Shea
Episode 3617th June 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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This week's guest is Dan Shea, Managing Director at Objective, who will discuss mergers and acquisitions in the manufacturing sector. With over 30 years of success in M&A, particularly in manufacturing businesses, Dan shares expert insights into the key factors driving value in manufacturing businesses, preparing companies for potential sales, and the current state of the M&A market.

Key Themes:

1. Factors Driving Value in Manufacturing Businesses:

- Proprietary Aspects: Dan emphasizes the importance of uniqueness in manufacturing businesses, including intellectual property, manufacturing know-how, technology, brand recognition, and strong customer relationships.

- Operational Efficiency: Buyers seek companies that operate efficiently, generate ample profits, and demonstrate a competitive edge in manufacturing their products.

2. Reasons for Selling Manufacturing Businesses:

- Succession Planning: Many business owners consider selling when there is no clear succession plan or next-generation leadership to take over the company.

- Baby Boomer Transitions: With many baby boomer business owners reaching retirement age, selling businesses becomes a natural transition.

3. Preparing for a Successful Sale:

- Strategic and Administrative Preparation: Dan discusses the importance of strategic planning, investment in facilities and equipment, workforce management, diversification, and compliance with safety and environmental standards.

4. Ensuring a Smooth Transition:

- Confidential Nature: Dan emphasizes confidentiality during a potential sale to prevent undue worry and uncertainty among employees, customers, and suppliers.

- Employee and Customer Considerations: Dan highlights the importance of maintaining employee and customer trust during the transition by ensuring their well-being and minimizing potential disruption.

Lessons Learned:

- Mergers and acquisitions in the manufacturing sector require intricate planning, strategizing, and a meticulous understanding of the business's value drivers and market dynamics.

- Securing trustworthy advisors, including lawyers and investment bankers, is crucial for navigating the sale process and maximizing the value realized from the transaction.

Fun Facts:

- Dan shares an anecdote about a client's surprise at receiving an unexpectedly high number of offers for their business while highlighting the potential for success in the sale process.

- The impact of nearshoring on manufacturing businesses is illustrated through a real-world example of a Mexican company benefiting from transferring volumes to their Mexican operations due to customer proximity.


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