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unsuitable on Rea Radio - Rea & Associates EPISODE 226, 16th March 2020
226: Legal Risks And How To Avoid Them
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226: Legal Risks And How To Avoid Them

Be careful – it’s lawsuit city out there and you never know when you might be the target of legal turmoil. Even a poorly worded text can get you into trouble. However, there are some precautionary measures you can take to mitigate risk.

Fortunately, Don Gregory, director and chair of the construction law practice at Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter, joins unsuitable to provide some tips that will help keep you out of trouble before trouble finds you.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • What rules should you follow in emails and texts to avoid legal trouble?
  • What you can expect from a lawsuit if something does happen
  • How has the legal practice or role of the trusted advisor changed?

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