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Strategies for Finishing Your Year Strong: An Interview with KPA’s Amanda Rawls
Episode 2818th October 2023 • The Safety Meeting • KPA
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In this episode of The Safety Meeting, KPA's Amanda Rawls discusses how safety professionals can ensure a strong year-end finish. She stresses the importance of looking back — self-assessment, reviewing incident trends, and training completions — while also planning ahead to proactively consider new technology, 2024 budgets, and goals.

  • (00:36) - What safety professionals should have in mind to have a strong end-of-year
  • (06:34) - Four common things safety professionals tend to overlook
  • (09:11) - Tips for staying on top of common safety issues
  • (11:05) - A cautionary story
  • (13:15) - It’s important to honestly assess your safety program

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