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LIV2DAY - Episode 76 "Jesus Saved, not Shamed"
Episode 769th September 2022 • LIV2DAY with Dr. Paula McDonald • Dr. Paula McDonald
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Once again, Dr. Paula McDonald, author of Theosynthesis - LIV2DAY, raises a topic that may step on some toes or rattle some cages, yet her drive to share TRUTH, as imparted by God, never fails. Today's episode raises the issue of a phenomenon that seems to be on the rise among well-meaning Christians - a disposition of "righteous anger," which is sounding much like "righteous indignation." Do you know the difference between the two? Have you heard or met anyone like this recently? In this episode, Dr. Paula breaks down the issue, explains why it matters, and what we as Christians must carefully guard against.

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