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A Quarantini with the creators of 'Nature Through Her Eyes'
Episode 321st March 2021 • The Quarantini • Pommy Harmar
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We finish off season 4 with an interview with three remarkable women who are behind the festival and 4-part documentary "Nature Through Her Eyes" which airs on March 8th 2021 on CuriosityStream. The interview features Emma Tyrell, Development Executive and Festival Producer; Jacqueline Farmer, Film Director and Producer and Gail Jenkinson, Director of Photography.

They talk about the world of Natural History film-making mainly being dominated by white men and how this needs to change. In a time of climate crisis, stories about nature and our environment need to be told through a diversity of lenses including women and people of colour.

ALSO - we've chosen a brand new track from Helefonix called 'Jackie Weaver's kicked him out'. Yes Jackie Weaver from the notorious Handforth Parish Council meeting. All proceeds to to the NALC Make a Change campaign.

PLUS - we bring you our usual round up of positive responses to the virus from around the world....


Jackie Weaver's kicked him out, Helenofonix

Hot Flu, Seb Gutiez, The Old Bones Collective - opening music

Hosts: Melissa Chemam and Pommy Harmar

Producer: Pommy Harmar