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Josh Belinsky – Co-Founder, Slate Milk
Episode 321st March 2023 • Legacy – The Ouimet Fund Podcast • Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund
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This episode features a discussion with entrepreneur Josh Belinsky, Co-Founder of Slate Milk, a rapidly growing all-natural canned chocolate milk and latte brand, founded by Josh and his good friend from Northeastern, Manny Lubin. Josh and the team at Slate have taken an idea – that the love of chocolate milk as an adult is not only okay, but can be a healthy alternative to other drinks – and turned it into a multi-million dollar business which is currently undergoing a $10.5 million Series A fundraising to widen its expansion. But long before Josh was a successful entrepreneur, he could be found at Blue Hill Country Club in Canton, MA, where he worked as a caddie for 10 years through high school and college. This experience led him to learn about the Ouimet Scholarship, which he earned as he entered his freshman year at Northeastern. Josh was such a standout Ouimet Scholar that he was chosen to be the Student Speaker at the 2018 Annual Banquet and wowed the crowd with his humor, his openness about his mental health struggles, and his entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Josh is on the Ouimet Fund’s Board of Directors as a young Alumni leader, and has been giving back since graduation.




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